Best Friends Grooming Salon

Professional Dog Grooming Salon in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Tel: 01743 718164

Full groom

This is our most popular service - it includes a thorough wash using specialist dog shampoo to suit your dogs’ skin and coat type. We use tearless shampoo on the dogs faces and we have hypo-allergenic shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. We use Cruelty Free, bio-degradable natural shampoos.

Your dog is then blow dried using a selection of dryers where the power level can be adjusted and lowered for nervous dogs. Your dogs’ ears are cleaned  and nails are clipped. Your dog is then groomed to your wishes.

All dogs can be groomed to breed standard or if you want to have any variations on this then these are followed. Dogs can have anything from a gentle tidy up to a full make over!

All cross breeds are welcome and suitable styles will be suggested.

Bath & Blow Dry

This includes a thorough bath using specialist dog shampoo and conditioner to suit your dogs skin and coat type. Your dog is then blow dried and has a luxurious leave in conditioner brushed into their  coat so that they stay looking and smelling nice for longer!


We can usually fit in dogs for just a Bath & Blow dry at short notice.

This is ideal if your dog has rolled in something smelly or you just want your dog freshened up in between full grooms 


This treatment really is the answer for you if your dogs hairs are a problem, causing hairs on the carpets or allergic reactions. It is perfect for dogs that permanently shed hair all year round.

 A wide range of breeds can have this treatment and so far the most popular have been; Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Collies, Jack Russell’s and Cross-Breeds.

Our de-shedding treatment can reduce your dogs constant shedding by up to 60 – 80%. All the dry and dead coat will be removed from your dog leaving them looking healthier and happier!

This groom includes a wash and blow dry, de-shedding, any styling that you may wish, ears are cleaned and nails clipped

FREE Puppy Socialisation Groom

This free service is designed for puppies between 3 and 9 months old which have never been to a grooming salon before. This first visit can stop potential problems arising when your dog comes to be groomed in the future. Your puppy will recognise where it is when you leave it in the future to be groomed properly and will already be familiar with the noises of the salon.


The visit lasts for about 15 minutes and most owners like to stay and watch! 


Nail Trimming


We offer a nail clipping only service which costs £5.00

 We can usually fit your dog in for just nail clipping on the same day but please phone first to confirm that we are open.