Best Friends Grooming Salon

Professional Dog Grooming Salon in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Tel: 01743 718164

On this page you will find answers to our frequently asked questions but please feel free to contact us with any other questions!


Q1.  Do I have to make an appointment or can i just call in to get my dog groomed on the day?

  Yes you need to please make an appointment.

Occasionally we can fit dogs in for a bath & dry on the same day but for full grooms we usually get booked up at least several weeks in advance.

We have varying opening hours so please always call first.

Q2. How long will it take to groom my dog?

It depends on the dog but typically for a Full Groom we require between 3 - 4 hours

If it's just a Bath and Dry then for a small / medium dog it will take us approximately 1 - 2 hours

Q3. Can I stay and watch whilst my dog is being groomed?

We request that all customers drop their dogs off and then collect them at an arranged time.

We find that dogs are usually more difficult to groom if their owners are present as they keep trying to get to them.

You are welcome to look around the salon and ask any questions.

Q4. Will my dog be the only dog in the salon?

No, we normally have several dogs in at the same time. One dog might be being styled whilst another is being bathed and another being dried - all at the same time but each dog getting plenty of individual attention and care. There is usually 3 people working at the salon which means that we can groom more than one dog at a time. We make sure that each dog has little breaks during their visit so that they are not standing for a long time. The dogs that are having a rest or waiting for their owners are all kept in the same room as us so are never on their own. We find that most dogs enjoy watching what's going on in the salon! 

Q5. Can you groom nervous or aggressive dogs?

We are very experienced with grooming nervous dogs and trying to make them relax & enjoy the experience. We can usually groom nervous dogs without a problem as long as they aren't aggressive. It helps that we have more than one person working at the salon as there is always somebody to help hold a dog or just to distract and comfort them.

With regards to aggressive dogs - it depends! Quite often dogs will not like just one part of being groomed - ie. having their nails clipped. If this is the case then this is usually no problem as we can muzzle them (with a soft canvas muzzle) whilst we are doing the part the dog doesn't like then we take the muzzle off afterwards. There are some exceptions where a dog is so aggressive or gets so stressed that we will not groom it. It isnt fair on the dog or us if they get that upset so in these very rare instances we will usually suggest that the owner takes the dogs to a vets to have some sedation tablets prior to grooming.


 Q6. Will my dog always be groomed by the same person?

Yes it will be. Jessica does all of the finishing styling work and is happy to discuss how you would like your dog styled.

  All dogs are "quality control" checked before leaving the salon! 

We have had the same people working at Best Friends for over ten years


Q7. Do you offer a collection & delivery service?

We only offer a collection and delivery service for existing customers with prior arrangement. Apologies we do not offer this service to new customers.